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Karmin Pincus

I love our military and I love real estate! What better career to have than to help our military members relocate with success and ease! As a certified Military Relocation Professional I have the skills you need to make your transition smooth and easy.

As a certified Military Relocation Professional, and someone who has moved across the country with my family and animals, I truly understand how difficult and cumbersome this process can be. I’ve compiled a list of all the resources you will need to make your move as smooth as possible.

PCSing into Naval Station Everett: There are over 20 million Veterans and Active Military members living in the U.S. Less than 15% have used the VA Loan Benefit they’ve earned to purchase a home. If you’ve considered buying, but are unsure of the process, or how to find the forms you’ll need, don’t stress. That’s what I do. That’s what I’m here for. I will assist you in gathering the necessary items to secure your VA Home Loan Entitlement and guide you through the buying process.

PCSing out of Naval Station Everett: You can try to sell your home For Sale By Owner and have the hassle of not only showing your home, but also taking your own photographs, setting up t he Title and Escrow services, promoting your home sale on dozens of websites, answering emails, phone calls and text messages from wishy-washy buyers who may or may not even be qualified to purchase a home. Are you a skilled negotiator? Do you know the current market conditions? Do you understand the language in the purchase and sale documents? If the buyers have an agent working for them to protect their best interests, shouldn’t you haven’t someone working to protect yours? What will you do if you have to PCS before your home sells? You can work with a professional who will do all of this on your behalf. You can be free to PCS to your new duty station and still sell your home. Let me focus on the details here, while you focus on getting your belongings and family where they need to be there.

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If you are curious to hear more about us and what we can offer, don't hesitate to get in touch. We try to take care of all of the detailed and long processes and making home buying or selling super easy! Send us your brief and learn how we work.